Villisca Ax Murder House

I have been in Atlantic Iowa for a work conference for the past two days and since Villisca is only about 30 miles from my hotel, I decided to slip out of the conference and head down for a tour! If you don’t know the history, 6 children and 2 adults were murdered there in 1912, with an ax. I had read about the place and saw the investigation on Ghost Adventures so I really wanted to check it out myself.

I went with a good friend of mine. When we pulled into Villisca the first landmark I recognized was the old water tower rising above the city. We had trouble finding the house and had to ask for directions. The house was unassuming and much smaller than I had imagined.

We parked in back and went up to the door but it was padlocked. There was a small rundown red building adjacent to the house. It was unlocked so we went inside. No one was there either. The walls were covered with signatures of people who had visited.

Luckily, we found a flyer in a guest book on the front porch and I called. We were supposed to start the tour at the museum but the guy said don’t worry about it someone will be along in little bit. We relaxed on a porch swing while we waited. After a short wait, a lady in pink hair pulled up with other people on the tour. We joined in.

The rooms were very small inside and it was hard to imagine a family of six living in there. All the mirrors were covered, as the murderer apparently had covered them the night of the murder. The stairs were narrow, the beds were tiny and the doors were small too. The only time I felt anything was upstairs in the parents bedroom. It felt like the house was rocking or some energy was in the room. We walked a couple of steps into the kids bedroom and the closet door shut as we walked in, on its own. Probably nothing. There was a tiny, narrow door that lead into the attic, where the murderer probably waited for the family to get home and go to sleep. I felt some cold spots in the there.

The house had a creepy feeling and a sad feeling at the same time.

I took lots of photos but nothing paranormal came through. My favorite photo is this one of me and the creepy clown! Now I want to go back and do the overnight tour and see how scared I can get! You should go check the place out!


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