Let’s Pretend!

Just finished editing my latest short story. Its called “Let’s Pretend!” I wrote it 20 years ago in high school and decided to rewrite it and edit to get it out there…its in the Smashwords queue right now! Its going to be free so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think…here is the opening paragraph:

Johnny Reddman quickly charged over a grassy land and thrust his sword into the gut of his best friend: Billy Japson. Billy screamed and fell to the ground, barely holding in his guts. Blood was everywhere. Billy screamed in agony. He dropped a garbage can lid-turned-shield and his long, pointed stick, a stick that wizards had once promised would make him invincible. He lay motionless on the ground. Johnny smiled triumphantly, his blond hair blowing majestically in the breeze, and placed one foot upon the corpse of his friend while he raised his He-Man sword high into the air and shouted: “I have the power!” Then as quickly as he had appeared, he sprinted away and vanished behind the side of the neighbor’s garage.

Its the tale of the imaginary play world of a nine year old boy…and lines between fantasy and reality don’t just get blurry, they are crossed and mixed together with frightening results.


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