Sample Sunday: the first page

Ok the first page of any book is pretty darn important. Hopefully there is a hook in there somewhere to keep the reader wanting more…since it is Sample Sunday, here is a sampling of page one of my novel The Second Chimney. Love to hear what you think! Thanks for reading!

He knew no one would call, no one would come over and worse still no one would remember but Lukas Simmons secretly loved his birthday anyway. He would go to Applebee’s alone just like he had done for the majority of his adult birthdays to eat steak and shrimp followed by a tasty chocolate chip cookie sundae. He would asked to be seated in a booth and treat himself to this solitary meal all without telling the waitress it was his birthday.
He wished the waitress somehow knew it was his birthday because he longed to feel the sense of joy when the wait staff gathered around his table to loudly chant a birthday tune. Occasionally there would be another family somewhere in the restaurant celebrating a birthday and he would longingly listen to them sing while pretending the festivities were for him.
Lukas was turning thirty and still in pretty good shape; no one would say he was overweight. While he had an eight year old daughter, he had never been married. His daughter was named Amanda and she would probably not even call him either. Lukas understood that if her mom did not remind her she wouldn’t know to call anyway. Amanda would be over for the weekend next week and they would celebrate then. Amanda loved parties and she loved her daddy.
Lukas sat in the oversized booth and smiled to himself, hands folded neatly on the table. Lukas enjoyed his birthday dinner in the busy restaurant and then drove himself home. It just after the last of the reds and purples drained from the sky leaving only darkness.


2 thoughts on “Sample Sunday: the first page

  1. What I liked about this is the underlying unsettling element, I felt for the character, his longing carried over well without overdoing it. Very nicely done 😉

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