The Second Chimney

Well I spent most of the afternoon repairing the kitchen ceiling. We woke the other morning to the sound of running water and found the upstairs bathroom had sprung a leak somewhere and the water was escaping to the kitchen. Drywall is pretty easy and something even I can manage.

I have been getting pretty pumped up about my second novel, The Second Chimney! I finished the outline a few days ago after a long dry spell. The ending came to me one afternoon in while I was staring at my messy garage and I had to get it all written down right then!

I have about 16 pages written now…this afternoon I was working on character sketches. I think there is going to be a lot of deaths in this one! I already know there are lots of bats! The main character’s house has a problem with the furry brown guys and battling bats is one of his passions.

I decided that his profession is vocational specialist, helping people with disabilities find and keep jobs in the community. I think that having either a character with an intellectual disability or working in the field somewhere will play a role in all my novels from here on out. That is how I make my living so what better way to advocate for them than through my books.


2 thoughts on “The Second Chimney

  1. Funny you should mention bats.

    We had a run in with one of your furry brown guys not very long ago. I was downstairs in the basement doing laundry when I saw something swoop around in the peripheral of my vision. It was a bat! How it managed to get in my basement is still a mystery to this day. Eventually it landed on a screen that goes to our front storm door and it clung to that while we walked it upstairs and out the door. Once it knew it was outside, it flew off.

    It was an exciting day. =)

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