The Outline

I guess the next step is to actually start to put together what I want to have happen to Lukas.  I am going to start putting together an outline of my story.  I usually make a very general outline to start out with and build on it and it changes as I go along.

The ending is something I also want to start thinking about.  Not a specific ending just a gist of what I want to happen in the end and how I hope the reader will react to the ending.  I don’t think I stick to a rigid formula and the protagonist and other characters usually end up doing things I hadn’t planned on anyway but some basic structure to start is a good way for me to get going, have basic goals and milestones to keep me motivated.

I also like to come up with a working title to start out with and that will likely change as well.

For now I am calling my second novel The Second Chimney.

Of course, overshadowing all of this adventure is reality.  Its hard to focus when water is leaking from my upstairs bathroom down through a ever growing drywall bubble into a bucket on the kitchen floor.  The plumber will be here tomorrow to take my money.


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