Not much more than a headache

Well I thought about my book a lot today but I haven’t written anything yet!  I think I have the opening chapter scratched out….I will post the first sentence here if anyone wants to read it and see if it has a little bit off a hook in it.  The first sentence seems very important.

This is what I have:

He knew no one would call, no one would come over and worse still no one would remember but Lukas LASTNAME secretly loved his birthday anyway.

The first sentence for my first novel “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon” is:

I often wished I could remember more of my childhood, but sadly most of my memories seem to fade off and get stored away in massive containers of time on shelves high in the closets of my mind.

In each I intend to grab the reader at an emotional level and create a connection right away…what do you think?


One thought on “Not much more than a headache

  1. Bloody brilliant! 😉 First lines are always important. I’m still enjoying Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon, by the way. I’m planning on trying to read a little more tonight so I’ll let you know my progress. Have a great day today!

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