Hello world! My Next Novel

Okay I am going to try this blogging and see if I can get into it.  I am going to blog about the headaches and joys of writing my second novel…..we shall see what I can learn by writing about my process.

I wrote my first novel during NaNoWriMo and absolutely loved that experience.  I wrote a lot when I was young but November really got me hooked.  So I wrote my first novel and edited it during December and January.  I got excited about it and submitted to Amazaon Breakout Novel Award competetion.  Didn’t make the cut.  My family and friends have been reading my novel and have given me lots of great feedback and encouragement.

I wanted to write another novel…but I have been staring at a blank page for quite awhile.

I am have been struggling with ideas for my  second novel for a couple weeks now.  Nothing had been coming to mind and I figured out why.  Step 1 of writing a novel is not to have an idea but to have a main character….

Voila! My main character is born!

Meet Lukas.  A 30 year old single man with an 8 year old daughter.  She was born today too!  Lukas celebrated his birthday alone and seems to be pretty scared of the dark still…


One thought on “Hello world! My Next Novel

  1. Lukas, eh? What a coincidence…my MC’s last name in my book “The Dark Layer” is Lukas (spelled precisely the same way). Her name is Annemarie Lukas. Great minds…

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