Morning on the Lake

I wanted to do something different so I decided to follow along with Bob Ross. I only used a palate knife and one inch brush for everything (except my signature). It was fun!

Oil. 18×24

More pouring

Finally got a pour I am happy with! The top is dry and the bottom one is still wet.

Free for two days!

Trent’s grandfather vanished without a trace many years ago and now his brother has been found dead. Mutilated in a field. And the dead man’s son is missing. A fishing trip gone terribly wrong. Trent soon discovers that the guilty are beyond the law—light-years beyond the law. His quest takes him, his brother’s wife, and a small band of close friends to a haunting world he knows nothing about, to strike an impossible deal with the very monsters that tore his family apart.

New Dark Fantasy Novel

Spread the news far and wide, my novel is out: get ready for an amazing adventure!

Carousels have charmed millions of riders of all ages. Perhaps even you have experienced the magic sitting astride one of those painted mounts, blissfully rotating your cares away. Journey out to the woods and find such a treasure revolving around the roof of a giant mansion.

The band organ out there is seductive. The music whispers to you. Calling you like an old friend. Daring you to discover the secret world it hides. Daring you to embark on much more than just a simple ride. Leave your world for a while…but know that you might not make it back.